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By: Burton Dale of Palm Beach Florida, USA
Date: July 04, 2013
This is one of the best products to come out of Guyana. Like 4711 cologne from Germany that hopefully will abide for ages yet to come, Limacol is comfort in a bottle when applied to the skin. I have used this product for years, and while Seabreeze and its many knockoffs promise a breeze in a bottle, Limacol delivers on that promise. On hot, sweaty and jaded days, it takes a product from a hot sweaty climate like Guyana to produce an answer to the situation. The scent is light and refreshing, and the small amount of castor oil in Limacol works magic in pulling toxins from the skin which cause such unpleasant sensations. Magic, it is truly magic, for skin torment during summer. If you use it once, you will crave the Limacol caress forever. A drop or two on the pillow, I find, also promotes restful sleep. Exhilarating From: z ethnic
By: Tony McIntosh from Wisconsin, USA
Date: Nov. 21, 2012
ďI have used this product in the past and found it to be exhilarating.Ē The Stress Reliever From: healthmad
By: Saxenadhi of West Bengal, India
Date: July 21, 2011
I remember getting a spanking for breaking a bottle of Mentholated Limacol long time back, time has changed since then and now the glass bottles have been replaced by plastic bottles but the product quality still is the same. Before moving ahead with Mentholated Limacol Review, let us first clear out the question what is Limacol, for all those who arenít aware of the product. Mentholated Limacol is a multipurpose solution which can be used as a deodorant, soothing astringent, after-shave lotion or even as a make up remover. Actually it is a coolant and can be used for relief from headache and fever as well. Mentholated Limacol isnít a medication and is easily available online but the cooling effect surely aids in relieving stress and severe headaches. With the progress of technology, basically very few people use Mentholated Limacol these days but yes my grandpa still applies it as an after-shave lotion and for cooling off his head at times of stress and headache. Mentholated Limacol comes in 250 Ml and 500 Ml plastic bottles and normally my grand dad brings him a big bottle of Mentholated Limacol as he uses it often. Lately I too have started using Mentholated Limacol to prevent razor bumps and it actually helps a lot in preventing razor bumps and razor burns and the lemon scent is simply refreshing to say the least. Besides my skin feels better after using Limacol, so these days I donít apply any other after shave lotion. Mentholated Limacol surely is a wonderful product and after my grandpa now I have started using this great product. Though I have limited the use to after shave lotion for now but in near future I would surely love to try it for pain relief and as a stress buster. From:
By: sungoddest
Date: February 02, 2009
Limacol also excellent for lifting dirt and oil from the back of your neckÖmy grandmother would grip me in one arm, and scrub with bay rum or limacol until she was satisfied.