Limacol is a complex, liquid blend of aromatic compounds used to instantly refresh and reinvigorate.

This refreshing splash-on was developed in the British Caribbean in the 1920's - specifically in the then colony of British Guiana (now Guyana). It was manufactured by the British company "Bookers", which has given its name to the world famous "Man Booker Prize" for fiction.

For those seeking respite from the hot, humid, tropical West Indian climate for hundreds of years, the rejuvenating properties of Limacol offered immediate relief. The product quickly became a staple in every household in the sun swept Caribbean. Today, Limacol continues to refresh and reinvigorate men, women and children around the world.

Uniquely, both sexes and all age groups can and do use Limacol on all occasions as an exhilarating cooling agent. It is splashed on especially liberally after any period of time in the heat, any exertion-- such as after a game of football or cricket—or anytime one would need to “cool off”. Because of Limacol’s invigorating properties, similar to a gust of brisk Caribbean air, for years, its tag line was, and continues to be, "Limacol: the freshness of a breeze in a bottle".

The proprietary formula for Limacol, sourced from the Amazon and beyond, remains a closely guarded secret in the vaults of the present local owners, the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation, who have since taken over from Bookers.

Limacol…a never ending tradition.

The Freshness of a Breeze in a Bottle.


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